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Evaluation board PRO-ATMEGA128.


Foto. 1. View of evaluation board PRO-ATMEGA128.

1. Description of evaluation board.

Evaluation board PRO-ATMEGA128 processor is equipped with Atmega 128, Atmel. This module is equipped with peripheral circuits, which may allow the use of PRO-ATMEGA128 in industrial automation. Additional field solder module allows for the development of additional functional systems.

Module specifications PRO-ATMEGA128:

The module is designed to supply + 24Vdc, which, for example occurs in industrial automation. Switching power supply is installed on the board 2A current efficiency and high efficiency and requires no additional heat sink. It is possible to power external devices from the + 5V power supply.

The basic configuration of the module are soldered circuits and components:

1. Description of evaluation board.


Fig. 2. Block diagram of the evaluation board PRO-ATMEGA128.

To the board is added:

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