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The SU 1.5 controller for use as aquarium controller.

Aquarium controller

Photo. 1. View of the SU 1.5 controller for use as aquarium controller.

The aim of the implementation was to use the SU 1.5, as a controller supervisor the parameters of the aquarium. For this purpose, the program is written in C language, the Atmel Studio 6.

The controller supervises the temperature of the aquarium using a PT100 sensor. SU 1.5 controller controls the heater of aquarium. The applied method of adjusting is the controller hysteresis. You can set the desired temperature of the aquarium in the controller’s menu.

In addition, the controller supervises the aquarium filter. Aquarium filter operates in cycles, ie. running for an hour, and then off for an hour. It works in that cycle from 5 am to 10 pm o’clock. In addition, the controller supervises the lighting. Aquarium lighting is switched on from 5 am to 9 am and from 4 pm to 10 pm. For these functions real-time clock was used, which is equipped with the SU 1.5 controller. In the controller menu, you can set the time with an accuracy of seconds.

Although controller is in automatic mode, it is possible to manually turn on or turn off the filter and lighting permanently.

In addition to measuring the temperature of the aquarium, the controller also shows room temperature and the outdoor temperature. For this purpose PT100 sensors have also been used.The SU 1.5 controller has only two temperature inputs, it has been equipped with additional module temperature, with one PT100 input. The controller communicates with the module via RS-485 using Modbus RTU protocol. This module is powered directly from the controller.

As the picture shows, power transformer, controller and module temperature were placed on TS rail.

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