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Multidrop - the machine for the production of cakes using a stepper motor and the PLC controller.

Multidrop machine

Photo. 1. View multidrop machine.

For one of our customers control system MULTIDROP has been developed - machine producing cakes. These machines are highly popular, can replace a dozen employees - and thus very quickly the reimburse the costs incurred for the purchase of the machine.

The machine control system included:

Inverters controlled by a PLC using the touch panel, can be done using the Modbus RTU protocol can be done on customer’s request. This is especially convenient if we use a larger number of drives. PLC controller communicates via RS232 protocol with a touch panel.

PLC controller positions tape with a cake tray through stepper motor. Stepper motor control is done by built-in functions for positioning. Control mode takes place in step/direction. The configuration is limited to the determination of position parameters, and then it call the appropriate functions.

multidrop, panel hmi

Photo. 2. The configuration parameters of the recipe.
multidrop, panel hmi

Photo. 3. Preview parameter recipe.

multidrop, panel hmi

Photo. 4. Configuration settings.

HMI operator panel enables visualization of the production process. In addition, user has the choice, ready and stored in the panel to the desired cake recipes. If you need you can modify the recipe or add a new one while working. Optionally, it is possible to add remote access to the machine. It can allow for example, preview the current state of production by the management or control departments.

Range of work included:

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