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The control system trolleys mixer paint and varnish using a PLC.

System control, program controller PLC

Fig. 1. Program The PLC control system trolleys mixing paints and varnishes.

The aim of the project was to design a control for trolleys with various types of paint and thinners. Trolleys were mobile system mixers for paints and varnishes. The trolley has a drive that allows it to drive into and the departure of the heating or cooling chamber and drive enabling trolley turning around its vertical axis. The time and speed are important parameters in the process of heating and cooling. These parameters depending on the material, which a trolley includes, need to be changed.

Elements of the system:

By mounting the panel with the buttons on the control cabinet, panel operator has an easy access to the editing performance. In the event of an emergency, a message is displayed on the LCD panel. The rotational speed of motors is controlled by a potentiometer, and the motor control is done via the digital inputs of the inverter.

The range of work included:

Control cabinet, controler PLC

Foto. 1. View of the control system cabinets trolleys paint mixer.

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