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Converter ASCII (RS-232) to Modbus RTU (RS-485)

Waga firmy Vibra

Photo. 1. Externals precision balance Vibra company.
Rejestrator firmu LUMEL

Photo. 2. Externals recorder LUMEL company.

The objective was to realize converter, which provide communication between precision balance firmy Vibra and recorder firmy LUMEL.

To do this:

  • hardware converter RS-232 standard to RS-485 standard;
  • software implementation converter from ASCII format to compatibile with Modbus RTU protocol.

Precision balance sends data in ASCII format (RS-232 standard) to converter, and converter sends them to the recorder compatibile with the MODBUS RTU protocol (RS-485 standard). Transferred data from precision balance to recorder allows read weight with accurate to 2 decimal places.

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