Adaptation of an electronic scale for measurements in a vacuum dryer

The appearance of an electronic scale

The aim of the implementation was to adapt the electronic scale to work in a Memmert vacuum dryer.

For this purpose, the following are provided:

  • wireless data transfer to a PC (IR transmission);
  • battery powered;
  • temperature measurement;
  • power saving mode.

Infrared transmission is used to wirelessly transmit data to a PC. The infrared transmitter is placed outside the scale (inside the vacuum dryer), while the infrared receiver is placed outside the vacuum dryer. Additionally, the scale is equipped with a temperature sensor. The current weight, temperature and measurement number are sent to the PC. This data is archived on the computer and saved to a file. Data is transferred every 1 or 10 minutes, depending on the switch position. The scale is battery-powered and has an energy-saving system.

The appearance of a Memmert vacuum dryer

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