PID controller in the CPDev environment for the SU 1.7 PLC controller

View of the PID controller block in FBD language

The CPDev environment offers a ready-made PID controller block for use in the SU 1.7 PLC controller.

Description of PID controller inputs:

SP (REAL type) – controller set value,
PV (REAL type) – process variable (output of the control object),
Kp (REAL type) – controller gain (Kp>0.1),
Ti (TIME type) – integration time (Ti=T#0s => without integration),
Td (TIME type) – differentiation time (Td=T#0s => no differentiation),
D (REAL type) – filter divider (0.01 ≤ D ≤ 10.0),
UL (REAL type) – lower control limit,
UH (REAL type) – upper control limit,
A_M (BOOL type) – AUTO/MAN switch (FALSE=>MAN, TRUE=>AUTO),
UM (REAL type) – manual control value,
U0 (REAL type) – operating point of the P/PD controller,
PIP (BOOL type) – algorithm type: P/PD (PIP=false) or PI/PID (PIP=true),
DIR (BOOL type) – control type: straight (DIR=false) or reverse (DIR=true),
U0A (BOOL type) – operating point for P/PD: U0 (U0A=false), auto. (U0A=true),
ULIM (BOOL type) – limiting U control in Auto mode,
INIT (BOOL type) – initialization (first calculation cycle),
UBL (BOOL type) – U control lock.

Description of PID controller outputs:

U (REAL type) – regulator control,
LIMH (BOOL type) – control on the UH limit,
LIML (BOOL type) – control on the UL limit,
STA (BYTE type) – block status.

An example of a program using a PID controller in the FBD language in the CPDev environment

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