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E-TRONIX was founded in 2007. Since the beginning, we have been providing services in the field of design and production of electronic devices. We offer our customers innovative and proven solutions based on microprocessor technology. Examples of applied electronic solutions.

The second area of activity of E-TRONIX is the design and implementation of control systems in industrial automation. Examples of completed implementations in the field of industrial automation. Our activities are based on experience and knowledge.

Robert Łopatecki, MSc Engineer


E-tronix offers

1. Design, programming and manufacture of controllers and electronic devices.

  • We offer services in the field of electronic circuit design (electronic and electrical diagrams) and printed circuit board (PCB) design and documentation for PCB production;
  • completion of components and subassemblies for devices and controllers; – assembly, commissioning and testing of electronic devices and controllers;
  • assembly, commissioning and testing of electronic devices and controllers;
    series production;
  • in addition, programming of microcontrollers.

2. Automation of technological processes (so-called industrial automation):

  • PLC programming (Siemens S7, Moeller/Eaton XV, Fatek);
  • creation of visualisations on industrial panels (Siemens, Moeller, Weintek) and configuration of inverters (main Lenze and LG) and other automation devices;
  • creation of control and measurement applications for the PC;
  • design of electrical installations for industrial machinery and equipment
    commissioning of new machines, modernisation of existing machines, service work;
  • remote servicing of machines, online viewing of machine and industrial line status via internet;
  • design and assembly of complete cabinets and control panels;
  • selection of electrical and control apparatus;
  • assembly of components and subassemblies.

3. Development and maintenance of the Software.

  • Development of mobile applications based on cloud solutions, iOS or Android applications and desktop applications
  • Preliminary analysis of the application – UML (understanding of business requirements and user needs.
  • Determining the purpose of the application, the target groups and the functions to be provided.
  • Functional design and mock-up – Figma (Creation of user interface sketches (wireframes) and mock-ups of the application)
  • Graphic design by screen (Preparation of the graphic design of the application. Creation of the appearance of individual screens, selection of colours, fonts and icons)
  • Implementation and testing – CSS, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Java, Postman, Cucumber (Writing code on the basis of the graphic design and verification of the correct functioning of the functions
  • Deployment – on-premise or cloud solution based on AWS (placing the application on production servers and in the App store or Google play shops)

Maintenance and development (adding new functions, fixing bugs and adapting to changing user needs).

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