HelpHunters app

The HelpHunters application is based on helping you with small, everyday tasks. The person in need sends a task, which is completed by a volunteer. The helping person is rewarded with points in the application, which translate into prizes.

Our work connects people who are usually unable to perform specific activities with people who can help them. One activity that may be difficult for some people, and which volunteers can help with, is the use and understanding of modern technology. Thanks to the help we offer through volunteers, we can work positively towards technological inclusiveness, including more and more people in the sphere of new technologies.

Our project can be used by anyone who needs help. Today’s times can be difficult, and our application/website will allow you to meet many wonderful people!

The application has gained the patronage of companies such as: Autopay, Capgemini, and the BGK Foundation.

Visit and download our helphunters application!

Photo of what the application looks like:

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