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SU 1.2 Controller

The SU 1.2 Programmable Universal Controller is equipped with the ATmega32 processor from ATMEL. This compact controller can be used to control machines and industrial devices. See more >>

SU 1.5 Controller


The SU 1.5 Programmable Universal Controller is functionally identical to the SU 1.2 controller. The only difference is the processor, because SU 1.5 controller is equipped with the ATmega1284 processor ATMEL. See more >>

PLC SU 1.7​ Controller

The SU 1.7 programmable PLC controller has the same hardware configuration of inputs and outputs as other SU controllers, but with the possibility of programming in the CPDev environment.
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DS18B20​ temperature sensor

Digital temperature sensor, designed to work with the MCT-1 temperature module, equipped with insulated cables. See more >>

PT100 temperature sensor

PT100 resistance temperature sensor with temperature range: -50…+150 degrees Celsius, equipped with non-insulated wires. See more >>

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