CAN controller

Block diagram of the CAN controller

Technical parameters of the CAN controller:

CAN bus;
4 analog voltage inputs (0…10V, 10-bit resolution);
4 analog inputs for temperature measurement (PT500, 10-bit resolution);
4 digital inputs with galvanic isolation;
4 analog voltage outputs (0…10V, 12-bit resolution);
4 transistor digital outputs with galvanic isolation;
optionally, additional serial transmission in the RS-232/485 standard is possible;
+24V power supply.

Optical signaling:

  • CAN controller power supply;
  • status of digital inputs and outputs;
  • signaling of transmitting and receiving data from the CAN bus.

The CAN controller was designed for the PK 9512 housing from Rittal. It is possible to add additional CAN controllers to the CAN bus (a code transmitter is used to assign subsequent controller addresses). The CAN controller communicates with the easyControl series PLC controller from Moeller via the CAN bus.

The appearance of the Moeller controller

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