Inverter controller

Block diagram of the inverter controller

Technical parameters of the inverter controller:

  • 2×16 character LCD display, with LED backlight;
  • 6-button keyboard;
  • 4 LEDs indicating the operating status;
  • RS-485 interface, used to communicate with the inverter using the MODBUS RTU protocol;

The inverter controller was designed to control the cyclic operation of the inverter which was connected to a 3-phase motor. Parameter settings are made from the keyboard and are displayed on a 2×16 character LCD display. The controller communicates with the inverter via a serial RS-485 connection, MODBUS RTU protocol. The operating status is indicated by LEDs.

The controller enables the engine to operate according to the following parameters:

  • engine speed;
  • turning direction;
  • turn on, turn off the engine;
  • engine operating time at a specific speed.
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