Multidrop - a machine for producing cookies using a stepper motor and a PLC controller

View of the multidrop machine

For one of our clients, a Multidrop control system was developed – a machine producing cookies. Machines of this type are becoming very popular, they can replace a dozen or so employees – and therefore the costs incurred for the purchase of the machine are recovered very quickly.

The machine control system includes:

  • PLC driver;
  • HMI panel;
  • stepper motor driver;
  • two inverters.

Inverters controlled by a PLC controller using a touch panel, at the customer’s request, control can be performed using the Modbus RTU protocol. This is a particularly convenient solution when using more drives. The PLC controller communicates using a protocol via RS232 with the touch panel.

The PLC controller positions the tape with the cookie tray thanks to the stepper motor. The stepper motor is controlled via built-in positioning functions. The control is in step/direction mode. Configuration is limited to setting the position parameters and then calling the appropriate functions.

Configuration of recipe parameters

Preview of recipe parameters

Configure settings

The HMI operator panel enables visualization of the production process. Additionally, the user can select ready-made recipes for the desired cookie saved in the panel. If necessary, he can modify the recipe or add a new one while working. Optionally, it is possible to add remote access to the machine, which may enable, for example, viewing the current production status by the management or control departments.

The scope of work included:

  • development of visualization for a touch panel;
  • writing a program for a PLC controller;
  • inverter configuration.
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