Precise radio control system for stepper motors

Block diagram of the radio control system

The radio control system has been developed to enable wireless control of four stepper motors. The remote control allows precise setting of the rotational speed of the stepper motors. The motor control is independent and allows you to set the speed of each motor separately. The remote control is powered by AA batteries. The stepper motors are powered by 24VDC. The remote control is equipped with a specially designed 6-button membrane keyboard. Information about the rotational speed of the stepper motors is displayed on a 4×16 LCD text display. Additionally, the remote control is equipped with LED diodes informing about the operation of the engines and a possible failure of one of the engines.

Characteristic features of the radio stepper motor control system:

  • the system operates on the unlicensed ISM radio band (868 MHz);
  • two-way communication (autodetection of motors, speed transmission, automatic motorshutdown in the absence of a radio connection, engine start/stop, alarm signaling);
  • measurement of the remote control’s battery status.
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