Winder controller

The appearance of the SU 1.2 driver

The purpose of the implementation was to control the winder using the SU 1.2 controller.

For this purpose, the following was done:

  • hardware modification of the SU 1.2 driver, which ensured correct cooperation with Wobit stepper motor drivers;
  • software implementation of the winder control algorithm.

The SU 1.2 driver program enables, among others: operation of the winder according to the following parameters:

  • number of turns;
  • feed;
  • winding speed.

The SU 1.2 driver program enables, among others:

  • changing the operating parameters of the winder;
  • manual and automatic operation of the winding
  • machine;
  • selection of the winder operating program;
  • changes in the winder control program have been separated into user and administrator levels, with access via passwords.

Stepper motor drivers (including stepper motors) and the winder controller are powered by the same DC power source. The sensors installed in the winder (spindle revolutions, feed and support position) are powered by +24VDC supplied by the SU 1.2 controller.

Appearance of the winder

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